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Aim, shoot and run! : archery and innovation

June 6, 2013  |  by Juan Cano-Arribí  |  Uncategorized  |  No Comments

When it’s about innovation we often overlook things that turn out automatic when we do archery. Things that we take for granted. Being aware of these obvious issues is critical for the success and sustainability of an innovation system. Fortunately, fulfilling them is very easy, just do the following: aim, shoot… and run!

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Love is the answer: how innovation and love play the same game

May 13, 2013  |  by Juan Cano-Arribí  |  Uncategorized  |  1 Comment

It is not about sending flowers to employees or having dinner by candlelight… or maybe it is, to some extent. You cannot force people to be creative, or to carry out the extra effort that taking part in innovation entails, or even to have the will to do it, as you can neither force someone to love you. However, you can flirt with them, seduce them. Incidentally, don’t worry if you’re not a seducer, it’s something you can learn, …at least regarding innovation.

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Sustainable innovation (III): stage-gate and monitoring

April 19, 2013  |  by Juan Cano-Arribí  |  Uncategorized  |  No Comments

With this post we complete the series on Sustainable Innovation, keys of innovation management after creativity. This is a point often obviated and that quickly ends up in innovation stagnation; paradoxically the more fertile is the creativity the greater is the stagnation.

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Sustainable innovation (II): ideas that drive you to your goals

April 16, 2013  |  by Juan Cano-Arribí  |  Uncategorized  |  No Comments

As we see in the previous post, is fully doable to be systematic and accurate in innovation management while keeping it flexible and intuitive,… if you have the proper design, tools and management. These are the process key points that make possible to generate innovations continuously and deliver satisfactory results in the most convenient direction for the company.

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Sustainable innovation (I): Is there any other kind?

April 14, 2013  |  by Juan Cano-Arribí  |  Uncategorized  |  No Comments

Technologies, habits of customers, distribution… they’re changing all the time! Your competitors never stop innovating, either. Well, not all of them, it’s true… and not usually all the time, and not even at the same pace, but they do, and keep any industry ever changing boosted by innovation.

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